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Welcome to Holy International Church


We are honored to have a few moments to introduce you to Holy International Church and the wonderful people who call Holy International Churchhome
God has an adventure waiting for every person… this includes you. We all have an unexplored journey, just waiting for us to take the first step.

Maybe you are new to the Christian faith,or perhaps you have been following God as long as you can remember. More than likely, you find yourself somewhere in between. That’s OK. Because wherever you are on your spiritual quest, Holy International Church is ready to help you discover new territories in your faith journey.

When you come to Holy International Church, you’ll find a place you can feel at home … a place where you feel warmly welcomed ... a place to be yourself and relax...a place you can begin to enjoy all that God has for you.

• Come to explore the Bible and what Christianity is really all about
• Bring your kids to a place they can enjoy
• Ask tough questions about life and faith
• Make personal strides in your spiritual growth

The place to start is at Sunday Morning Celebration: great music, media presentations, dramas, and humor…friendly people talking, laughing… your kids being welcomed by caring leaders in the children's ministry…not having to worry about being singled out as a visitor or being pressure to give money … wearing clothes you’d wear to a friend’s house… messages from the Bible that are tied into everyday life …a place to be yourself and discover all that God has for you.

Please accept our invitation to worship with us this Sunday at Holy International Church…where you’ll get the point about God’s grace!


Prophet Belay

Holy International Church